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Hate This Podcast

     You can't possibly Hate This Podcast as much as we do.

Jul 26, 2018

This week we welcome Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter. We discuss the opioid epidemic taking place in Monroe County and Sheriff Baxter’s compassionate approach to mitigating this crisis.




Jul 21, 2018

This week we welcome the winner of the 2018 Funniest Person In Rochester contest…Cindy Arena! We talk comedy, her upbringing around a family in the porn industry, and the possibility of HTP having a new sponsor.  



Jul 14, 2018

This week we welcome buffalo comedian Sam Minney. We talk bad dates, make a call to Air-force One (boo), and we help Sam try and make smart healthy decisions….Or we told her to get a cocaine problem. 

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Sam Minney



Jul 6, 2018

This week HTP welcomes Buffalo comics Don Johnson and John Lockwood. It’s way too late right now for me to write a synopsis. Something about setting fires and internet witches. Yup, good enough.

John Lockwood

Don Johnson

Tudor Lounge Open Mic Hosted by Don...