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Hate This Podcast

     You can't possibly Hate This Podcast as much as we do.

Sep 28, 2021

Comedian RJ Purpura stops by the Toddcast to discuss Rochester hall of famer Arthur Shawcross and we debate what's worse for your body...heroin or alcohol? Rj was buzzed, so give his Eddie Murphy impression some slack.  

Sep 21, 2021


Ep 197 Todd wants a new innervoice, A man that cut off his penis and threw it at cops, Todd thinks his parents saved his circumcision, and a teacher down south trying to get students to pledge to the pride flag. Follow Todd Gursslin @toddgursslin  Justin Brown @fartwordz

Sep 12, 2021

Big Dick Johnson

Ep 001 Randomly I will be putting out solo toddcasts of me being unfaithful to Justin. This here is a romp I had with the improbable yet provocative duo Joe Kitterman & Kai Von Doom. We mostly talk about a large penised man named Big Dick Johnson, Porky’s, and which character we are from Sex In The...

Sep 4, 2021

The Infiltrator 

Ep 195 The full story on the Dave Smith protests. Todd was canceled in Rochester and wishes Doc Brown can take him back. Oh and we also discuss which POTUS had the best PENIS. 


Socialblah: @toddgursslin  @fartwordz

Aug 24, 2021


Ep 194 Todd cheated on Justin w Kai Von Doom & Joe Kitterman. Since the affair was recorded they listen back and take note of Todd’s “game”.

* The full Kaitterman ep will be out next week as Ep 1  of Todd’s side pod The Toddcast which will be released under the HTP feed

Socialblah: @toddgursslin  @fartwordz...