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Hate This Podcast

     You can't possibly Hate This Podcast as much as we do.

May 26, 2021

Ep 186 RIPaul Mooney

Bizarrely we recorded this episode the day before Paul Mooney died and both he and Richard Pryor are a big part of this episode.. that being said we also talk about jerkin off at work and Paris's crack problem.

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May 18, 2021

Ep 185 William F. Cuckley 
In this episode the boys talk about chet hanks asking a fan for money, booze that was made in Chernobyl, and some real life super heroes.
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May 14, 2021

Ep 184 Hate The Juice 
In this episode the boys talk about Randy Newman, Uganda's homophobia, and the police's new magic lasso.
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May 8, 2021

Ep 183 Norman Heisenberg
Melinda Gates happily bounces, a son pimps his mom on only fans, & an old couple escapes a nursing home w the help of Robert Forster.

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May 2, 2021

Ep 182 The Sexecutioner
In this episode we talked about what it’s like to be an executioner, and a very bizarre story out of china involving a Russian male model.

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